canzoni dal 2010 / Riviera (CASSETTE: Ltd 100)

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The influence of Covid-19 has spread all over the world, but in the early stages it was the countries like Italy and Spain that were the biggest influences. This is a discography cassette of Italian EMO and Riviera, and we will be donating all digital sales from the 3LA distribution to the band, minus the site's commission.

The release is limited to 100 pressings and the cassette is available in clear and yellow and black splattered versions.
I think the EMO revival around 2010 was spreading from the US to the EU, and Riviera was both emo and furious, melodic and rock. The range of their diverse songs, as well as their melancholy melodies and textures have been consistent since the beginning of their career, and I feel that their originality has come to fruition on 2018's "contrasto". The way Riviera delicately avoids falling into clichés, while expressing their melancholy melodies with vibrant screams and performances that may not be associated with the mainstream movement in the US/EU scene of the 2010s, and it's not English to begin with. But there's something about Riviera's local feel that makes you want to resonate with them. I've been listening to Riviera on my summer vacation, letting my misconceptions and misconceptions run rampant.

1. la notte, si dorme 03:32
2. diluvio universale 01:49
3. prendo appunti 03:10
4. megapesa 04:00
5. ultramaratona 02:29
6. convinzioni 03:03
7. maglione 02:25
8. un altro 02:22
9. aspetto 02:13
10. a.n.c.o.r.a. 01:43
11. camminare sui muri 02:03
12. piscina 04:53
13. tuffo bomba 01:37
14. calanchi 03:29
15. pioggia di forchette 02:03
16. risata 02:37
17. adriano 02:19
18. attrezzi 03:10
19. cosa rimane 04:17
20. lava 03:00
21. bronte 03:35
22. scogli 02:40
23. michele in bici 02:25
24. giaguaro 03:11
25. rodeo 04:02
26. terrazzo 03:17
27. disordine 02:47

tracks 1-4 originally appeared on "novembre 2011"(2011)
tracks 5-8 originally appeared on "parla con gesù"(2012)
tracks 9-19 originally appeared on "riviera"(2014)
tracks 20-27 originally appeared on "contrasto"(2018)

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