Lovetheism / 春ねむり - Haru Nemuri (LP)

  • 3,000 30 Pt )



Based in Metz, France, Specific Recordings has been expanding its collaboration with local artists from around the world, and this LP from Haru Nemuri's 2020 release is in stock. Their previous album, 2018's "Haru To Shura", received overwhelmingly positive reviews in the US and EU, and the anticipation for this release has been overwhelmingly high, and I honestly don't know if I've been able to properly perceive the expectations for this album in Japan. There is a congratulatory tone in the electronica sound mixed with noise rock in contrast to the dark and heavy drum beat which distorts, and there is the question whether the J-Pop which is accepted in the world can be transmitted while deviating from the J-Pop evaluation axis which is accepted only in Japan now in the contrast. Perhaps. I don't think the thematic nature of the work, the sound, the lyrics, the political nature of the art, if you ask me if they are "hardcore", I don't think they are. However, I think they are more ambitious than the hardcore bands that are converging on conservative values nowadays. I think love is just as important as justice in this confusing world, and it's important to be able to express that.
Kudaranai 1nichi(band) cites as a fabled artist in an interview, one can also take the perspective that the music mixes poetry and emo rap with post-hardcore elements. If I'm being honest, the label I traded with sent me a bunch of copies of the wrong one, and I want geeks to buy it. It's a color version, but it's shrink-wrapped, so I can't specify which color it will be, but if you've read this far and bought it, you won't regret it.

1. Fanfare 03:43
2. Trust Nothing But Love 04:20
3. Pink Unicorn 04:02
4. Lovetheism 02:46
5. Be Your Ocean 03:54
6. Riot 03:52
7. Apple Song 02:45

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