Interview with boneflower (by 3LA)


With their latest album, A(r)mour, due out in 2020, Spain's boneflower have a rich musicality in the context of the current Screamo/Skramz scene and a willingness to update the present. With the new coronavirus crippling artists around the world, they gave us an interview.

3LA: まずはboneflowerについて知りたいことがたくさんあります。どんなメンバー構成ですか?結成は何年?スペインのバンドだと思っていますが、スペインのどの都市で活動していますか?
First of all, there is a lot to know about boneflower. What is the composition of the members? How long have you been together? I believe you are a Spanish band, but in which Spanish cities are you playing?

Boneflower: このバンドは2015年にマドリッドで結成され、Eric(ギター、ボーカル)とDesan(ベース)はサラマンカ出身、Jaime(ドラムス)はサンタンデール出身ですが、全員マドリッドに住んで活動しています。EricとDesanは10代の頃からの友人で、2014年12月にPura Vida(RIP)というバンドのショーの後、クラブに入るのを待っていたJaimeと知り合った。
We were formed in Madrid in 2015, Eric (guitar and vocals) and Desan (bass) are from Salamanca and Jaime (drums) is from Santander, but we all live and work in Madrid. Eric and Desan were friends since teenagers and met Jaime waiting for enter a club after a show of the band Pura Vida (RIP) on December 2014.

3LA: サンタンデール地方はEkkaiaやIctusが活動していたア・コルーニャに近いと思う。サラマンカ周辺にはどんなバンドがいたのかよくわからないのですが...メンバーの中には音楽的な教育を受けた人はいますか?
The Santander region is similar to A Coruña where ekaia and Ictus were active. I'm not sure what bands were around Salamanca.....Are any of the members of your band musically educated? This is because Boneflower's music is built on a tremendous consistency of musical elements, and yet it has a very natural beauty to it.

Boneflower: ああ、僕たちはKhmerの人たちととても仲良くしている。 美しい人たちだ。 悲しいことに、サラマンカとその周辺地域には、オルタナティブ・ミュージック・シーンがない。そして、誰も音楽のレッスンを受けたことがない。私たちはみんな自分たちで演奏を学んできただけであって、音楽的な要素は、たくさんの音楽を聴いて、たくさん練習してきたからだよ。
Yeah, we’re very friends with the guys in Khmer. Beautiful people. Sadly, Salamanca and around-areas have never had an alternative music scene. None of us has ever had a music lesson. We’ve all learned playing by ourselves, so all the musical elements come from listening to a lot of music and practicing a lot.

3LA: これまで聴いて来た音楽で特に影響を受けたアルバムや、出来事を教えてください。いわゆるScreamoスタイルの音楽を突き詰めようと思ったきっかけなどはありますか?
What albums or events have influenced the music you've listened to in the past? Is there any reason why you decided to pursue the so-called Screamo style of music? Boneflower's album has elements of 2000's Screamo, but I feel it's the music of the current generation, updated for today. I am not nostalgic by any means. I'd also like to hear what you think of the current music scene.

Boneflower: 俺たちは超折衷的(取捨選択大好き)な人間なので、たくさんの影響を受けている。どんなジャンルにもオープンで、それが僕らの音楽にも表れていると思うんだけど、それはポジティブなことなんだけど、バンドとしてのラインを絞るのが難しい時もある。初めて集まった時は、それぞれが1曲ずつ選んで準備をして、最初のリハーサルで演奏してみた。Basementの"Whole"、Balance and Composureの"Quake"、 Touche Amoreの"Anyone/Anything"だ。

一番影響を受けたバンドはState Faultsだと思う。ライブセットの照明をコピーしたりもしたよ(笑)。俺たちは自分たちがTrueなSkramzだとは思っていないけど、クラシックなバンド達(Malady, Suis La Lune, I Create, Saetia, Sed non Satiata, June Paikなど)に影響を受けてはいるけど、可能な限りの努力をして、自分たちとは違う独自のサウンドを見つけようとしているんだ。自分たちが出来ているかはわからないけど、そう目指したいよね。
今の現行シーンはすごくアクティブになってきてると思う。Miss the StarsやNew Friends、Zegema Beachのような素晴らしいフェスがありますが、それらはDIYでとんでもなく良いラインナップを集めようと努力していて、それが僕らのバンドとしてのやり方。歌詞では直接言及されていなくても、「DIY」は政治的な関与と並んでScreamoシーンの支柱となっている。
また、Middle Man、Dog Knights、Skeletal Lighting、Lifeisafunnything、Dingleberry、ZilpZap Recordsなど、素晴らしいレーベルも多い。僕らが好きな新世代のバンドはUSでは、Shin Guard、Ostraca、Frail Body、Infant Island、Slow Fire Pistol、そしてEUだとChalk Hands、Cassus、Ojne、La Petite Mort/Little Deathだね。
We have plenty of influences as we are super eclectic people. We are open to any genre and we think this is pictured in our music, it's a positive thing but sometimes it's hard to narrow down a line to follow as a band. When we got together for the first time, each of us picked a song to prepare them and play them in the first rehearsal. We chose Whole from Basement, Quake from Balance and Composure and Anyone/Anything from Touche Amore, our first idea as a band was to approach a more melodic side, but after playing together, we flow better playing a more "agressive" sound. We think State Faults was the band that influenced us the most. We even copied them the little lights for the live set (hahaha). We never consider ourselves true skramz even though we are influenced by classics (Malady, Suis La Lune, I Create, Saetia, Sed non Satiata, June Paik, etc) we try as hard as posible to find a different unique own sound, we don't know if we achieve it, but that's the goal. It's really common in screamo to copy predecessor bands and as a result, sometimes bands sound really similar. We are not saying this is a bad thing, we love new bands copying old classics, but this is not what we are looking for. We think the current scene is quite alive, there are great fests like Miss the Stars, New Friends, Zegema Beach that are working hard to bring together a ridiculously good line up in a DIY way, which is the way we adopt as a band. DIY is the main pillar in the Screamo scene along the political involvement, even if your lyrics don't mention it directly. Also great labels like Middle Man, Dog Knights, Skeletal Lighting, Lifeisafunnything, Dingleberry, ZilpZap Records and many many more. The new generation of bands we love are Shin Guard, Ostraca, Frail Body, Infant Island or Slow Fire Pistol in the USA and Chalk Hands, Cassus, Ojne or La Petit Mort/Little Death in Europe.

3LA: 凄く面白い回答をありがとうございます。State Faultsは素晴らしいバンドですよね。4月から5月でにスペインツアーでState faultsとのショウが予定されていたと聞きました。もし実現したらとてもエキサイティングだったと思います。
そして現行シーンへの言及も面白い。僕もあなたと同じように、Shin GuardやOstracaといったバンド達が大好きなんですが、Boneflowerにも共通して感じるのは「クラシックなバンド達に敬意を払いながらも新しい時代の音楽を作ろうとしている」という点ですね。サウンド面ではそうですが、歌詞についてはどうでしょう?最新アルバム『Armour』の歌詞は非常にコンセプチュアルな物語の形式を取っています。しかし僕には、この物語の形式として表現しているということ自体がとても重要な点のように見えます。抽象的なテーマがいくつも見えてきますが、あなたは多くのハードコアバンドのように直接的な何かを訴えるのではなく、人の意識に物語を通して訴えかけるアプローチを選んだ。違いますか?
Thank you for the very interesting answer, State Faults is a great band, I heard that they were going to tour Spain in April or May with Viva Belglrado, Boneflower, State faults and lang (a Japanese band). I think it would have been very exciting if it had happened. And the references to the current scene are interesting. I love bands like Shin Guard and Ostraca just as much as you do, but what I feel is that Boneflower has one thing in common: they're trying to make music for a new era while paying homage to classic bands. Sound-wise, yes, but what about the lyrics? The lyrics of Boneflower's latest album, Armour, take the form of a very conceptual narrative. But to me, the fact that this is presented as a form of storytelling seems to be a very important point in itself. I can see a number of abstract themes, but you've chosen an approach that appeals to people's consciousness through stories, rather than appealing to something direct like many hardcore bands do. Isn't it?

Boneflower: そう、State Faultsと全ツアー(17公演)をやる予定でいてたんだけど、残念ながらキャンセルになってしまって、4月の別の10公演もキャンセルになった。それはとても悲しいことだけど、このクレイジーな状況では選択の余地がないんだ。
歌詞に関しては、少し変化に富んだものにしようとしている。あなたが完璧に言っていたように、いくつかの歌詞は個人的な物語のようなもので、よりストレートな状況や感情、友情の浮き沈みのような人々が共感できるようなもの...。他の歌詞は確かにもっと抽象的で、解釈の自由度が高いですが、それでも人々が共感できるような精神状態を表現しているんだ。長い間探していたものが欠落すること、人生のある瞬間や場所でどれだけ失われたか、空っぽになったか 無意味に感じているかのようにね。
Yeah, we were doing the whole tour (17 shows) with State Faults, and one of the shows was with Viva and Lang, but unfortunately it was cancelled, with another 10 shows we had in April. We’re very sad about it, but this crazy situation gives no choice. As for the lyrics, we try to make them a bit varied. As you perfectly mentioned, some lyrics are like a personal narrative, more straightforward situations and feelings that people can relate to, like the ups and downs in friendship. Other lyrics are indeed more abstract and more open to interpretation, but still some mental state people can feel identified with, like how lost, empty or meaningless you feel in a certain moment and place in your life due to the lack of something you’ve been longing for for a long time. But yeah, we’re happy people care about the lyrics nowadays. The message to understand the vibes and emotions of each individual song is very important (for us, at least).

3LA: 歌詞のその深さは、ちょっと村上春樹的でもあるかなと思いました。村上春樹の作品は読んだことありますか?

I think the depth of the lyrics is a bit like Haruki Murakami's. Have you read any of Haruki Murakami's works? By the way, are there very few people in Spain who care about the lyrics? I had a feeling that there were fewer of them in Japan than before. People seem to want something more sensory than the lyrics, and sometimes I think that's why people are so addicted to social media. But the feeling that Boneflower expresses on the album is certainly beyond the language and even I, a Japanese, can feel something. I'm sure the same is true for Japanese listeners who will be listening to it in the future. And the last thing I want to ask you is. What does music mean to you?

Boneflower: 村上については、それは素晴らしい比較です!私たちは彼の本が大好きですし、彼の孤独を表現する方法も大好きです。
As for Murakami, that’s an awesome comparison! We love his books and the way he expresses loneliness, not being understood and not fitting in. That’s definitely something we try to express with our lyrics. We think that for sure less people care about lyrics now than before due to this quick junk food music concept. You consume it as quick as possible, you have little time, so something that doesn’t need concentration or attention is preferred. That’s why a lot of new artists release videoclips instead of albums. And music for us is friendship, fun, love and a language we use to express how we feel and perhaps other people feel too. The connection between us three and other people we get to meet in our journey is indescribable, and we hope it will last for a long time.

A​(​r​)​mour / Boneflower (LP)
A​(​r​)​mour / Boneflower (LP)
スペイン、マドリッド発のScreamo/Post-Hardcore、Boneflowerの2ndアルバムが2020年リリースとのことです。今年も3月に入ってきますが激情系リリース少なすぎる!が、その1つ1つは今後に重要な影響がありそうなので出来る限りフォローしていきたい。そんなBoneflowerも激情シーンの僻地、スペインで活動する数少ないグッドバンド。スペイン国内でのビッグフェスRESURRECTION FESTや、State Faultsのヨーロッパツアーにも同行するなど活動はかなり勢力的、例によって例のごとく日本では一切気付かれていない。State Faultsもほとんど気づかれていない。もはや日本では気づかれていないことも音楽の一部として楽しんでいくのが良さそうという境地に達している激情リスナー=あなたに贈る2020年現行バンド最初の1枚。誰も気づかなくても僕は好き。